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fructus momordicae

fructus momordicae fructus momordicae
Product name:fructus momordicae
Luohanguo is a herbaceous perennial vine. It grows mainly in southern China and northern Thailand. The plant is valued mainly for its fruit which has also been known as the 'longevity fruit'. The fruit has been used to cool drinks and in Chinese medicine. It is round and smooth and can be yellowish-brown or greenish brown in color. It contains a sweet, fleshy edible pulp. The fruit extract is used as a sweetener, since this is known to be almost 300 times sweeter as compared to sugar. It has been used for centuries by the Chinese as a low calorie sweetener to treat obesity and diabetes.

1. Powerful antioxidant function.
2. To relieve cough and expectorant. 
3. To improve immunity.
4. To lower the blood sugar.
5. To protect liver.
6. To anti-cancer.
7. To restrain dental caries lead by ingbritt.  

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