Shiningherb (Beijing) International Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

Shiningherb (Beijing) International Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

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Add: Beijing City,Fengtai District,Maliandao nankou,Chayuan,Tea Palace West 28
Name: Mr.Kong
Tel: 86 10 52690519
Fax: 86 10 57202991
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About Us

International Brand Shining-Herb, Representative of Modern Tea Culture and Health Nourishment


Shining-Herb (Beijing) International Bio-Tech Co. Ltd was established in 2001 by Mr. Sixin Kong, who is a PhD at China Agricultural University and an expert in tea and tea culture, specialized in tea and Chinese medicinal herbs’ export safety standards as well as tea culture communications. Shining-Herb focuses on supplying a wide variety of quality tea, herbs, and natural health products to all around the world and manages multiple domestic tea and herb farms and manufactories.


Certified by the ISO 9001 system and registered in the FDA, we consistently follow strict quality control processes and export standards.


Not only are we supplier to the domestic market, but our products are also sold worldwide and we have been establishing long-term, friendly business relationships around the globe.


Shining-Herb’s main products include:

  • Traditional Chinese Tea: green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, pu’er tea, and yellow tea, etc.;
  • Processed Tea: fruit/flower-flavored tea, herbal tea, mixed tea, health tea, tea bags;
  • Herbs & Herb Extracts;
  • Tea Sets & Other Health Products


In the meantime, we are advocates of healthy lifestyles and the promotion of tea culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are always open to combining new things with the traditional in creative ways.